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Ragnarok Dupe Hack?

It has come to my attention that there was a zeny dupe hackĀ a midst the internet after a few fans have contacted me regarding this. I have no awareness of this prior to reading what I did. Till this day, I still do not believe in dupe hacks (only dupe exploits that involve crashing a server — though this is most likely outdated now). I have given up on that train years ago and will not pursue it.

To clarify, I am in no way associated with this website or websites that provide this hack. If my website is linked from any other website, it is most likely from an ad campaign that our team is running to direct traffic to our website. Upon doing research, some advertisements were done and links were created without our consent as well.

If any website is claiming that anything was provided by us, the information is probably misleading and you may report it to us by using the contact form.

Since we do enjoy providing our guests with information and hacks, and you are probably curious about this. The link is here.

Note: Use at your own risk. We will not be held accountable for banned or lost accounts. This hack has not been tested yet by our team.


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Items to Farm for Fast Zeny

Here is a list of items that are easy to farm even for lower leveled players that will give you a boost in zenys. Not all of us can farm MVPs and high leveled mobs.

Dead Branch – Sells for 60,000z on average and drops from Elder Willow.

Maneater Blossom – Sells for 2,600z on average and drops at almost 100% from most plant monsters like Geographers & Floras. If you have a rogue, you can steal and get doubles.

Stem – Sells for 2,000z on average and are extremely easy to find even at level 30, you can rack up a lot of these. They drop in the map one map north of Geffen. If you have a rogue, you can get double per kill!

Creamy Card – Sells for 8,000,000z on average. WOW! Creamy is easy to kill and they are plentiful!

Archer Skeleton Card – Sells for 20,000,000. A whopping 20 mil. They are also fairly easy to kill and also drops other bows and Apple of Archer.

Smokie Card – Sells for 8,000,000 and are easy to kill.

Phen Card – Sells for 20,000,000 and are easy to kill.

Invest in a Mimic card and get a chance to get Old Blue Boxes that sell for 70,000z on average.

You can also get a Myst Case card for additional gift boxes that can sell or be opened for items to be sold.

A Witch Pumpkin Hat can get expensive but is a good investment in making additional zeny. It gives you a chance of getting pumpkin pies which can be sold.


There are a lot of other items that sell for a lot and are fairly easy to get. Go on ragial and do some research!

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Get Zeny Fast & Easy (without farming)

Here is a simple guide to help you get started with making more zeny without farming things. We all hate farming! However, this guide requires you to have some zeny and a merchant to begin with.

1. Go on ragial. Just about the best website for any iRO player.

2. Click on where it says cheap.

3. You will now see a bunch of items that are sold at %’s lower than they usually sell for. Look for the items that are 60% – 25% cheaper.

4. BEFORE you buy anything, do a little research and search that item up on ragial. See if there are other people selling the same item and how much they’re being sold for on average.

5. Buy and resell!

Ragial has been useful to me in many cases for buying and selling.

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