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M’s Ranger Guide

Ranger On Warg

Here is a short and sweet build for rangers. I believe that the skills are self explanatory and whatever you decide to do with your skills will end up being a good choice whether it is trapping or whatever.

I personally prefer a strong Warg build. Believe it or not, the Warg will do more damage than you or any skill you can possibly use when you’re at 150.


Str – 0

Agi – 140+

Vit – 30-50

Dex – 140+

Luk – 100+

As you can see from above, luk will be one of the more essential stat points. I have experimented with it and I believe the Warg will attack more and do more damage based on your luk and agi.


+7 & up White Wing Set – This is essential. Don’t skip it! The entire set.

Orlean’s Glove or Bradium Brooch with Zerom cards or Yoyo cards for additional perfect dodge.

+12 Bow of choice – Card accordingly for MVP or PVP.

+9 & up Mercury Riser – Arta’s (Vanberk card)

Well-Chewed Pencil


The way to use this character is you will be flee based. Hopefully nobody will be able to kill you based on your high flee! Make sure to get that agi and dex food! If they do then you will have to ride around in your Warg to keep a safe distance.



Leveling with a ranger or the classes before is the easiest of all the classes. You get to attack from afar at amazing speeds. Any level before 80, you can level by killing immobile monsters like Flora or Drosera. Bring fly wings with you at all times to fly away if something happens. Get fire arrows and you should be set.

After 80, you can pretty much stay at Thor’s Dungeon Lv 1 until 150. Get a Pasana armor, Jakk garment, and anything that can reduce damage from fire property and + MDEF. MDEF is important, even if you can get 5, do it.

You will be working with water property arrows and double strafing until you have a Warg at a decent level (130+). Get your awakening potions and fly wings. Fly around and pick out Kasa’s from far away and stun-lock them if you have enough aspd or double strafe them to death. It’s a good idea to invest in some white pots and strawberries because you will be using a lot of SP.

Fly wing when you see a Byrogue and any of the Guardians. You will not kill them unless you’re in a party. Salamanders will kill you if they’re close to you so unless they’re a screen away and you can shoot them from far, don’t try it. If they get too close to you and still have health left, fly wing away. Imp’s are weak and you should be killing them with no problem.

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