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OpenKore Safe Botting Spots

With the discovery of bots, I’ve hated to level on my own (for the most part) as much as I hate farming. Here are some safe places to bot until level 105, then you’ll have the option of grinding it out slowly or mob leveling manually. If you have other leveling spots or suggestions that could be added to this, please do so by using the contact form.

Use lockmap so that if your bot is dead, it knows to sit in town (regenerate HP) and then walks back to the map. Do not set X,Y coordinates. Only change the map you want your bot to be on, and your save map.

lockMap yuno_fild08

route_escape_reachedNoPortal 1
route_escape_randomWalk 1
route_avoidWalls 1
route_randomWalk 1
route_randomWalk_inTown 0
route_randomWalk_maxRouteTime 75
route_maxNpcTries 5
route_teleport 0
route_teleport_minDistance 150
route_teleport_maxTries 8
route_step 15

runFromTarget 0
runFromTarget_dist 6

saveMap aldebaran
saveMap_warpToBuyOrSell 1

Make sure you set your pickupitems.txt so that you don’t become overweight with garbage while you leave your bot leveling when you’re AFK.

Example – I only list the items I want to pick up. All is at 0. Use ratemyserver as a reference for drops.

All 0

Gold 2

Remember to set your bot to use skills! You have all that SP, who cares if your bot uses it all as soon as it has some. It gets the kills faster.

Example: (use Ctrl + F : useSelf_skill or attackSkillSlot to know exactly where to put the skills)

useSelf_skill Enchant Poison {
lvl 10
sp > 20
whenStatusInactive Enchant Poison
inLockOnly 1
notWhileSitting 1
notInTown 1
timeout 165

useSelf_skill Poison React {
whenStatusInactive Poison React
inLockOnly 1
notWhileSitting 1
notInTown 1

attackSkillSlot Bowling Bash {
lvl 10
sp > 40%
maxUses 1

A quick tip on how to get additional money: Get a Myst Case card and put it in any upper head gear without a level requirement. You get a chance to get gift boxes which can be sold or used to obtain random items that can be sold. Get a mimic card and slot it on a belt or a clip for a chance to get Old Blue Box.

For all my bots, I have done the Eden equipment quests for free leveling equipment. Do them at the intervals listed below.

These are all areas good for iRO (valkyrie) and have been used there. I am not sure whether or not they’re the same or as effective in other servers. Used in 2013 and has good results.


  • Training grounds. Stay there until 16 or 20 if you really want to especially right before you sleep or go out.
  • E.Prontera. If you’re a trans reborn novice, then you can’t access the training grounds anymore. Go to the map east of Prontera. There’s a Kafra right next to the entrance so if you die, you respawn right there. I prefer not using the map south of Prontera because a lot of people dead branch there.


  • Alberta -> West -> South. This is the Boa, Spore, Wormtail map. The spawn rate of monsters are fast, there are no aggressive monsters, and it’s not far from town. They also all drop Strawberry, Blue Herb, & Stem which could be sold for a good amount. 


  • Iz_dun01. This is the Vadon, Hydra, Kukre, Marina, Plankton, Cornutus map. Great fast exp, no aggressive monsters. Loot is mostly cards which can be sold for a decent amount. If you’re an acolyte, you may choose to pick up blue gemstones as well.

50 – Until job change: 

(job level 50/60/70 depending on your server)

  • Iz_dun02. This is the Obeaune & Marse map. Obeaune are aggressive but by this point in game, you should be able to kill them easily. I chose this map because it saves you the travel from Izlude to anywhere else. Loots include cards, Fin Helm, grapes. 

Job changed – 60 – 75: 

  • Stay at Iz_dun02 to save the travel. 
  • Go to Morocc -> South -> West -> West (May be different in different server). Golem and Metaller map. No good loots here but it’s easy to level. Golems are super duper slow and nothing is aggressive here.


  • Yuno_fild08. Geographer, Grand Peco, & Goat map. This is the fastest way to 99 IMO. Nothing is aggressive here aside from the Geographers which you should be able to kill. Loots include gold, cards, maneater blossom, mastela fruit, blue herb. At lower levels, you may die once in a while, so make sure to set your lockmap! 
  • Geffen -> North -> East -> East. This is the Earth Petite map. Everything is aggressive here and it’s a bit slower than the Grand Peco map IMO. Loot includes cards and white herb.


  • Map outside of Thors Dungeon near Veins. Magmaring map. There will be Muscipular, Drosera, & Magmarings. Nothing here is aggressive aside from the plants who can’t move. No good drops here aside from cards. 

Beyond 105 – There won’t be much safe areas to train anymore unless you find some place. Let me know. You could choose to grind it out at the Magmarings map but it’s very slow. If you have VIP package, you may level much faster.


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Refine Hack – Up to +9 Without Fail

Download Link

Mirror 1

This hack was not provided by me and has not been tested. Use at your own risk.

Notes from sharer:

Intended purpose: Refining to +9 without fail. Does not work with +10 and up refines.

Last tested: 12-09-12 iRO Valkyrie



1. Turn off antivirus or application will not run.
2. Unzip file with winRAR
3. Open application
4. Open Ragnarok Online
5. Go to refiner with Oridecon / Elunium.
6. Use hotkey – Ctrl + Y (toggle On/Off)
7. Begin Refining

We are not responsible if this application has been patched and items
are broken in the process of refining.

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Leveling Guide

0-X Picky, Poring, Fabre, Lunatic,Drops,Peco Peco Egg, Pupa, Willow, Chonchon
1-11 Training Grounds, Hornet, Picky
2-12 Condor
3-13 Mandragora, Roda Frog
4-14 Baby DW, Savage Babe
5-15 Rocker
6-16 Scorpion
7-17 Zombies, Wormtail
8-18 Boa, Spore
9-19 Ambernite
10-20-30 Thief Bug Egg

——— LEVELS 11~20———————————————————-

11-21 Thief Bug, Stainer
12-22 Tarou
13-23 Creamy
14-24 Muka, Familiar
15-25 Pecp Peco, Caramel
16-26 Poison Spore
17-27 Skeleton
18-28 Ant Egg, Female Thief Bug
19-29 Big Foot, Smokie
20-30-40 Male Thief Bug, Poporing

——— LEVELS 21~30———————————————————-

21-31 Deniro
22-32 Horn, Piere
23-33 Andre
24-34 Elder Willow, Hydra, Soldier Skel, Whisper
25-35 Cookie (Green), Vitata
26-36 ?
27-37 Cookie (Red), Marin
28-38 Coco, Yoyo
29-39 Myst Case, Martin
30-40-50 Thara Frog, Plankton

——— LEVELS 31~40———————————————————-

31-41 Cruiser
32-42 Gierth, Kukre, Marina
33-43 Crab, Orc Baby
34-44 Orc Warrior, Skel Worker, Goblin(Axe,Flail)
35-45 Orc Lady, Wolf, Vadon, Galapago
36-46 Megalodon
37-47 Argos, Drainliar, Marse, Seal
38-48 Steel Chonchon, Cornutus, Raggler, Pirate Skel, Sea Otter, Goblin(Dag)
39-49 Myst, Goblin(Hammer)
40-50-60 Archer Skel, Shellfish, Aster

——— LEVELS 41~50———————————————————-

41-51 Orc Zombie, Marine Sphere
42-52 Phen, Verit
43-53 Eggyra, Magnolia, Obeaune, Orc Skel
44-54 Zenorc
45-55 Mummy, Metaller, Grove, Beetle King, Goblin Archer, Greatest General
46-56 Marc, Goblin(Mace)
47-57 Alligator, Frilldora, Swordfish, Bapho Jr.
48-58 Matyr, Minorous, Munak
49-59 Bongun, Flora, Isis, Savage, Mimic
50-60-70 Merman, Deviace, Dumpling Child

——— LEVELS 51~60———————————————————-

51-61 Ghoul, Golem, Sandman, Strouf
52-62 Dustiness
53-63 Hode, Hunter Fly, Jakk
54-64 Leaf Cat, Sohee, Stone Shooter
55-65 Driller, Mantis, Megalith
56-66 Grizzly, Horong, Tri Joint, Goblin Steamrider
57-67 Wootan Fighter, Wootan Shooter
58-68 Baby Leopard, Dokebi, Dryad, Stalactic Golem
59-69 Nightmare
60-70-80 Kraban, Side Winder, Sageworm, Wild Rose, Zerom

——— LEVELS 61~70———————————————————-

61-71 Brilight, Requiem
62-72 Karakasa, Nine Tail, Sasquatch, Wooden Golem
63-73 Geographer, Marduk, Tamruan
64-74 Rideword
65-75 Argiope, Grand Peco
66-76 Am Mut, Dark Frame, Parasite
67-77 Creamy Fear, Wraith
68-78 Orc Archer
69-79 Pasana, Sky Petite
70-80-90 Evil Druid, Goat, Jing Guai, Wind Ghost

——— LEVELS 71~80———————————————————- 

71-81 Clock, Gajomart, High Orc, Metaling, Sleeper, Wood Goblin
72-82 Cramp, Giant Hornet, Green Maiden, Les, Punk, Raydric Archer, Zhu Po
73-83 Ancient Worm, Harpy, Kapha, Mi Gao
74-84 Mavka, Stem Worm, Novus(Red), Caterpillar
75-85 Holden, Miyabi Doll, Penomena, Porcellio, Uzhas
76-86 Bathory, Dragon Tail, Petite(Green), Rafflesia, Wraith Dead
77-87 Baba Yaga, Leib Olmai, Noxious, Poisoness Toad, Venomous, Yao Jun
78-88 Alarm, Firelock, Spring Rabbit
79-89 Pest, Zombie Prisoner, Gullinbursti, Mao Guai
80-90-100 Joker, Hermit Plant, Marrionette, YNovus, Zipper Bear, Permeter, Pitman

——— LEVELS 81~90———————————————————-

81-91 Demon Pungus, Killer Mantis, Teddy Bear, Skel Prisoner
82-92 Solider, Elder, Owl Duke, EPT, Waste Stove, Zombie Master
83-93 Deviruchi
84-94 Bloody Butterfly, Freezer
85-95 Anopheles, Injustice, Roween, Stapo, Shinobi
86-96 Mineral, Taoist Hermit
87-97 Evil Nymph, Obsidian, The Paper
88-98 Rybio, Heater, Kaho, Nereid, Siroma, Tengu
89-99 ?
90-100~110 Alice, Anacondaq, Explosion, Galion, Gig, Quav, Gargoyle, Assaulter

——— LEVELS 91~100———————————————————-

91-101 Hill Wind, Lude, Drosera, Draco Egg, Kobold(Mace)
92-102 Heirozoist, Kobold(Ham), Medusa, Phendark
93-103 Carat, Desert Wolf, Disguise, Lava Golem, Snowier
94-104 Sting, Diabolic
95-105 Anubis, Deleter, Gibbit, Muscipular, Pinguicula, False Angel
96-106 Gazeti, Beholder Master
97-107 Arclouze, Heavy Metaling, Kobold(Axe), Nightmare Terror
98-108 Dullahan, Constant, Kobold Archer
99-109~119 Loli Ruri, Luciola Vespa, Anolion

——— LEVELS 101~110———————————————————-

100-110 Ice Titan, Magmaring, Majoruros, Bloody Murderer
101-111 (LIVE TESTING Shows you’re best off doing what you were doing before)
102-112 Aliot, Aliza, Ancient Mimic
103-113 Dark Pinguicula, Venatu, Cobalt Mineral
104-114 Ancient Mummy, Death Word, Nepenthes, Draco
105-115 Alicel, Raydric, Hellhound, Plasma(Blue), Zakudam
106-116 Dimik, Plasma(Green)
107-117 Mini Demon, Naga, Plasma(Purple)
108-118 Centipede Larva, Gemlin, Khalitz,Violy, Plasma(Red), Banshee Master
109-119 Archdam, Plasma(Yellow), Succubus, Dragon Egg
110-120-130 Cornus, Beholder, Incubus, Owl Baron, Wanderer, Fanat(valf^)

——— LEVELS 111~120———————————————————-

111-121 Flame Skull, Apocalipse, Remover, Aqua Ele, Hell Apocalipse, TT Baron
112-122 Hodremlin, Abysmal Knight
113-123 Hillsrion, Ragged Zombie, Vanberk, Lady Solace
114-124 Isilla, Seeker, Zombie Slaughter
115-125 Centipede, TT Mistress,
116-126 Echio, Ferus, Knocker, Skogul
117-127 TT Dame
118-128 Agav, Frus, Tatcho
119-129 Imp
120-130-140 Acidus, Banshee

——— LEVELS 121~130———————————————————-

121-131 Skeggiold
122-132 Bow Guardian, Incarnation(Angel,Golem)
123-133 Incarn(Human), Bios (Thief, Aco), Bradium Golem, Necro, Sword Guardian
124-134 Incarn (Spirit), Bios (Merch)
125-135 Kasa, Bios (Archer)
126-136 Bios (Swordie)
127++ Bio2-Bio3 / MVP

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Welcome to Ragnarok Online Cheats

Welcome to Ragnarok Online Cheats. We are dedicated to bringing you hacks, cheats, guides, and tips for Ragnarok Online. Our players are based in iRO (Chaos / Valkyrie / Classic) so some of the information may be irrelevant for other servers, but feel free to use them as well. Some of our crews also play in SHR servers, so some of the content may be helpful to you.

Please note that applications, some guides & tips were not written or created by us but were great discoveries that anyone can use. 

We are open to new tips, guides, and cheats. Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch with us with new content. We will be glad to add your content.

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