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Item of the Day 1/27 – Swordbreaker [3]

Image Swordbreaker [3]

Atk: 70

Has a small chance of breaking enemy’s weapon.

Well, in the official server, this is probably the best that you can get considering it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on a Whitesmith card. This weapon is essential for WoE or PVP. It has 3 slots and can break your opponents weapon leaving them helpless! It’s a hassle for them to repair and most people don’t have Full Chemical Protection. Use this to your advantage.

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1/20 Item Spotlight – Ice Pick [1]


Applicable Jobs: Swordman, Mage, Archer, Merchant, Thief, Knight, Wizard, Blacksmith, Hunter, Assassin, Crusader, Sage, Rogue, Alchemist, Bard / Dancer, Soul Linker, Ninja 

Required Level: 36

What’s so great about the Ice Pick? It’s slotted and has the Thanatos card effect. If you guys aren’t familiar with that, it deals more damage based on your DEF & armor. So most high vit characters such as Rune Knights, Suras, & Royal Guards would take a beating.

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