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January 30, 2013 · 12:19 am

OpenKore Questions

I noticed that quite a few people have asked questions about OpenKore and configs. If you need some help or suggestions in getting that set up, feel free to get in touch with me through the contact form.

I am not an OpenKore guru and I can only help so much.

With that said, if anyone has any configs to share, please do so!

Thank you.

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M’s Ranger Guide

Ranger On Warg

Here is a short and sweet build for rangers. I believe that the skills are self explanatory and whatever you decide to do with your skills will end up being a good choice whether it is trapping or whatever.

I personally prefer a strong Warg build. Believe it or not, the Warg will do more damage than you or any skill you can possibly use when you’re at 150.


Str – 0

Agi – 140+

Vit – 30-50

Dex – 140+

Luk – 100+

As you can see from above, luk will be one of the more essential stat points. I have experimented with it and I believe the Warg will attack more and do more damage based on your luk and agi.


+7 & up White Wing Set – This is essential. Don’t skip it! The entire set.

Orlean’s Glove or Bradium Brooch with Zerom cards or Yoyo cards for additional perfect dodge.

+12 Bow of choice – Card accordingly for MVP or PVP.

+9 & up Mercury Riser – Arta’s (Vanberk card)

Well-Chewed Pencil


The way to use this character is you will be flee based. Hopefully nobody will be able to kill you based on your high flee! Make sure to get that agi and dex food! If they do then you will have to ride around in your Warg to keep a safe distance.



Leveling with a ranger or the classes before is the easiest of all the classes. You get to attack from afar at amazing speeds. Any level before 80, you can level by killing immobile monsters like Flora or Drosera. Bring fly wings with you at all times to fly away if something happens. Get fire arrows and you should be set.

After 80, you can pretty much stay at Thor’s Dungeon Lv 1 until 150. Get a Pasana armor, Jakk garment, and anything that can reduce damage from fire property and + MDEF. MDEF is important, even if you can get 5, do it.

You will be working with water property arrows and double strafing until you have a Warg at a decent level (130+). Get your awakening potions and fly wings. Fly around and pick out Kasa’s from far away and stun-lock them if you have enough aspd or double strafe them to death. It’s a good idea to invest in some white pots and strawberries because you will be using a lot of SP.

Fly wing when you see a Byrogue and any of the Guardians. You will not kill them unless you’re in a party. Salamanders will kill you if they’re close to you so unless they’re a screen away and you can shoot them from far, don’t try it. If they get too close to you and still have health left, fly wing away. Imp’s are weak and you should be killing them with no problem.

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Ranger Guide




Hunters, as we know it are skillful at indirect long range combat. Their increased ASPD with bows helps makes them superior in ranged combat. They are also able to lay mines and traps on the ground to hinder or catch mobs. These traps cause various status effects (Sandman inflicts the status sleep, for example) or cause elemental damage (i.e. Blast Mine, Land Mine) to a target.

Additionally, they have a powerful sub-character, the Falcon. Falcons are highly effective at dealing consistent damage, as their damage ignores DEF. Falcons give Hunters the ability to deal damage to multiple monster at once, by gathering enemies together and employing the Falcon with the skill Blitz Beat.

Hunters were once considered overpowered in Ragnarok Online pre-Amatsu patch, while players were still getting the hang of 2-2 classes, since they were capable of MVPing and seemingly only needed two stats: AGI and DEX to be successful at MVP, PvP, and PvM aspects of the game.

But as the Transcendence Patch dawned into the shores of Midgard, the Sniper Class seemed to have lost all its glory. Bow and falcon skills, just weren’t enough to compete with the power of other classes roaming the PVP/MVP/PvM room. Neglected, bullied by OHKO skills and being the underdog. Called “lampayatot” by some, we were thrown in the streets, misunderstood by many as weaklings, some thought that we are only good at leeching. But hope was never lost, for we survived.. we never said DIE. We run, and we gunned.. though we are the so called “weaklings” we never let anyone stand in our way, as we devised our very own devious strategies and tactics, and with our versatility.. we mastered the art of killing. Our hunger for supremacy and survival was so great that other classes started to fear us.

And now, a new era has dawned. Enlightenment.. and the will for survival flowed so great, a new class was born, the RANGER. Equipped with two of the most potentially powerful arsenals ever created in the game- their traps and a new powerful companion their Warg Wolves.. we will now have our revenge!

Its time.. its time for Rune Midgarts to fear us once again.. Now fellow rangers, bring upon our deadly attack, wreak havoc and destruction using your bombs, bring panic and chaos with your bows and mutilate every opponent using your warg.

If Hunters and Snipers goes to hunt… A Ranger goes to war!


This are the bonuses given by each stat after the Renewal Patch came to our server. Please read this first before reading the “How to Build Your Ranger” so at least you will have an idea why I invested in a certain stat on a certain build. ( Sorry for the bad diction. )

Strength (STR) *

1 point of STR increases status physical attack power by 1
1 point of STR increases your weight limit by 30

Agility (AGI)

1 point of AGI increases flee rate by 1
5 points of AGI increases status defense by 1
Each point of AGI increases attack speed (ASPD) by a good amount.

Vitality (VIT)

1 point of VIT increases your Max HP by 1%
1 point of VIT increases your recovery rate by 2%
2 points of VIT increases your status defense by 1
5 points of VIT increases your status magic defense by 1

Intelligence (INT)

1 point of INT increases your status magic attack by 1.5
2 points of INT increases your status magic defense by 1
Each point of INT decreases your variable cast time by a bit (about half as much as DEX)

Dexterity (DEX) *

1 point of DEX increases your hit rate by 1
5 points of DEX increases your status magic defense by 1
5 points of DEX increases your status magic attack by 1
5 points of DEX increases your status physical attack power by 1
Each pont of DEX increases attack speed (ASPD) by a very low amount
Each point of DEX Decreases your cast time by a good amount

Luck (LUK)

1 point of LUK increases your CRIT by 0.3
3 points of LUK increases your status physical attack power by 1
3 points of LUK increases your status magical attack power by 1
3 points of LUK increases your hit by 1
5 points of LUK increases your flee by 1
10 points of LUK increases your perfect dodge by 1

Base Level

1 level increases your HIT rate by 1
1 level increases your FLEE rate by 1
2 levels increases your status DEF by 1
4 levels increases your status ATK by 1
4 levels increases your status MATK by 1
4 levels increases your status MDEF by 1

* With Bows, Guns, Musical Instruments and Whips, the increase in physical attack power from DEX and STR are swapped, making DEX the primary damage stat.

III. How to Build Your Ranger

This herein I will discuss the different Ranger types, and their Pro’s and Con’s:

Generally, there are 3 types of ranger builds : the Warger. the Swiss Knife and the Trapper. As the name implies, the Warger uses his ever faithful canine companion to deal massive damage to a single target. It focuses mainly on flee, dps ( damage per second) and hitlock. On the other hand, Trappers master the art of ambush killing, setting traps and luring enemies to their unknown doom. Trappers usually has high HP pool, high int and dex for trap damage and for survival. And lastly, my favorite (hybrid lover here), The Swiss Knife. Swiss Knife Builds are hybrids, a fusion between a warger and a trapper. Very adaptive and versatile to any given situation this build focuses on getting a balance between traps and high dps. Although, this build may seem to be perfect, it hides a very obvious weakness. It can only do average, average on warging and average on trapping. Like the saying goes, it is a Jack of all trades but a master of none.

Now that you know the three basic builds for a ranger, here are some examples of that build and their variation:


Warger = [W]
Swiss Knife = [SK]
Trapper = [T]

Max: 120
High: 81-119
Moderate: 41-80
Low: 1-40


All builds here are calculated to have 0 remaining stat points. Also, the proposed builds includes the Increase Agility, Blessing, Owl’s Eye, Improve Concentration, Awakening Potion and True Sight. Hp / Sp pool, ASPD and other attributes may vary in game because AFAIK, this calculator is only accurate in computing status points. And lastly, I didn’t include the Int bonus given by Research Trap, as we have different preferences on to maxing that skill or not.

The Warger[W]

This Build is perfect for those who love CTRL+click. The sheer power of your warg, plus the high aspd will set your opponents running and crying for help.


  •  agi: high
  •  str: low
  •  int: low
  •  dex: high
  •  luk: moderate
  •  vit: moderate


agi: flee/aspd purposes

dex: aspd purposes/increases damage ng bow pati na rin warg (physical ranged ang warg)
luk: increases the chance ng autowarg, tapos if divisible by 3, nakaad sa atk
low int: skill purposes 🙂
vit: para tumagal sa pvp/pvm 🙂


• high crit, aspd, and dps
• easy to use and handle
• good for those who love ctrl clicking
• almost immune to all status ailments
• warg attacks are unreducable by any resistance cards and equipments
• high HP pool
• can use traps as well


• RG’s defender greatly reduces your warg atks
• character’s with disabling abilites (e.g shura with cc) with probably pawn you
• prone to freeze, deep sleep and silence

My personal Opinion: with unfro and marduk card equipped, this build is almost unstoppable.

The Gunner[W]

* name inspired by sir ekaizero

A variation of the Warger. This build focuses mainly on DPS and hitlock, sacrificing its HP pool and trap damage output.


agi: high
str: low
int: moderate
dex: high
luk: moderate
vit: moderate


• HIGH auto warg rate
• HIGH flee
• good against melee enemies
• maximizes the use of status cards as a disabling option


• ignore flee skills can probably OHKO you
• prone to stun and freeze

The Master Exploder[T]

* name inspired by sir dodgeemall

The master trapper at its finest. With a very high int and dex allocation, this build abuses trap usage.

agi: moderate
str: low
int: high
dex: high
luk: moderate
vit: high


• Burst Damage dealer
• off guard enemies wont have a chance as it has the potential of OHKO
• abuses trap power
• easy to level because it can kill mobs


• has a little disadvantage when enemies are immune to sleep / freeze
• has a little disadvantage when dealing with wargers

The “Melee” Ranger[W]

This build is experimental. With high str, it can go dagger and equip a shield. This build abuses the warg skills and high atk of daggers.

Agi: High
Str: High
Int: Low
Dex: Moderate
Luk: Moderate
Vit: Moderate


• uses daggers as a primary weapon and bows as a utility equipment
• daggers have a high atk and slot ratio compared to bows
• can equip a shield and still give a high rate of damage
• high tanking abilities because of high vit and shield


• low or mid dex affects hit rate, thus it can miss on high flee characters
• prone to freeze silence and deep sleep
• dependent on warg skills
• can be easily stripped

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Breakneck Skill Spammer

This is a skill spammer and ideal for super high rate servers where your PVP is based on the usage of skills. So to give you an idea of how it’ll work, is if let’s say you use meteor assault and press the hotkey once, it’ll do meteor assault twice but really fast. So instead of doing the skill once, you’ll do it twice. This works for skills like bash, bowling bash, etc… Very useful.

Download Link

1. Drag your ragexe.exe to BreakNeckPatcher.exe to patch your application. Have a back up of your ragexe.exe in case you want to un-patch.

2. Configure the breakneck.ini file to set your hotkey. I think it is set to caps lock key by default.

3. In came, turn it on by pressing the hotkey.

– You do not need to open any other application other than your ragexe.exe to use the spammer. Once it is patched, it works!

Breakneck will spam all skills (twice) when turned on so this includes skills like improve concentration, cloak, hide, etc… So if you cloak, you’ll uncloak as well. That’s what the hotkey is for!

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