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Item of the Day 1/27 – Swordbreaker [3]

Image Swordbreaker [3]

Atk: 70

Has a small chance of breaking enemy’s weapon.

Well, in the official server, this is probably the best that you can get considering it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on a Whitesmith card. This weapon is essential for WoE or PVP. It has 3 slots and can break your opponents weapon leaving them helpless! It’s a hassle for them to repair and most people don’t have Full Chemical Protection. Use this to your advantage.

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Mid-January PVP Tournament

Sign up for our tournament with our contact form. We will try to host tournaments bi-monthly, but we’re still in the experimental phases of this event so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Date: TBD


  1. 5 Old Card Albums
  2. 2 Reset Stones


No HP healing items will be permitted. However, you can still use SP healing items like strawberries. No Yggdrasil berries, seeds, or leaves. All foods are allowed and all levels are welcome.

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