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MVP Finder / HP viewer / Respawn Calculator

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*This program is not supplied by us. Use at your own risk.


  • Find MVPs on a mini map. Shows as a green dot.
  • Dead MVPs will be shown as a red dot on mini map (grave)
  • Shows MVP current health. Does not work with all MVPs.
  • Respawn calculator.

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Solo MVP Sura Guide

Aside from the genetic, the Sura is one of the best ways to solo MVP and get tons of money. Here is a great guide to help you to get started. If you don’t have a Sura or struggling to level one, use this guide here.

This build is based on Guillotine Fist and works great for hunting MVPs. You will want to have a lot of slim/condensed white potions and strawberries. Slim/Condensed because white potions can get quite heavy.

Stat Build:

Str: 100-110

Agi: 1

Vit: 95+

Dex: 30-40

Int: 100+

Luk: 20-30

Any remaining stats can be used towards int/vit.

Gear Build:


+9 or higher Turkey on Your Head [1] – Slotted with Carat card

Black Frame Glasses [1] or any slotted mid-gear – Slotted with Succubus card

Pirate Dagger


Brynhild – Only if you have zeny for one.

+7 and up Diabolus Armor [1] – Slotted with Porcellio card or card of choice


+9 Nidhoggur’s Shadow Garb [1] – Slotted with card of choice (I use Raydric)


+9 ~ +12 Carga Mace – Slotted with 2 x Abysmal Knight cards


+7 ~ +9 Valkyrie Shield – Slotted with Alice card


Variant Shoes – Do not upgrade these at all. Will lose HP/SP by upgrades.


Diabolus Ring [1] – Phen Card

Diabolus Ring [1] – Kafra Blossom Card

Megingjard – If you can afford one


Here is a video example:

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