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Breakneck Skill Spammer

This is a skill spammer and ideal for super high rate servers where your PVP is based on the usage of skills. So to give you an idea of how it’ll work, is if let’s say you use meteor assault and press the hotkey once, it’ll do meteor assault twice but really fast. So instead of doing the skill once, you’ll do it twice. This works for skills like bash, bowling bash, etc… Very useful.

Download Link

1. Drag your ragexe.exe to BreakNeckPatcher.exe to patch your application. Have a back up of your ragexe.exe in case you want to un-patch.

2. Configure the breakneck.ini file to set your hotkey. I think it is set to caps lock key by default.

3. In came, turn it on by pressing the hotkey.

– You do not need to open any other application other than your ragexe.exe to use the spammer. Once it is patched, it works!

Breakneck will spam all skills (twice) when turned on so this includes skills like improve concentration, cloak, hide, etc… So if you cloak, you’ll uncloak as well. That’s what the hotkey is for!


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