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Refine Hack – Up to +9 Without Fail

Download Link

Mirror 1

This hack was not provided by me and has not been tested. Use at your own risk.

Notes from sharer:

Intended purpose: Refining to +9 without fail. Does not work with +10 and up refines.

Last tested: 12-09-12 iRO Valkyrie



1. Turn off antivirus or application will not run.
2. Unzip file with winRAR
3. Open application
4. Open Ragnarok Online
5. Go to refiner with Oridecon / Elunium.
6. Use hotkey – Ctrl + Y (toggle On/Off)
7. Begin Refining

We are not responsible if this application has been patched and items
are broken in the process of refining.


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See WOE damage & Cloak Visibility Patch

This was given to me by a fellow fan.

Download Link

What it does is allows you to see War of Emperium (WOE) damage and cloaked players.


1. Extract files

2. Replace new “ragnarok.exe” file with the old one in your RO folder.

3. Open RO & enjoy!

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OpenKore Ragnarok Bot

Download Link

This is one of the few and still working bots out there. It is great and still being updated with changes. Works with almost all servers and easy to set up. A great way to level up and farm items.

1. Download from the link above and extract all files to a folder.

2. Open config.txt in the “control” folder. This is where you will be doing all the configurations such as login information, skill usage, etc…

3. Open start.exe to get the bot running. Note: You can also run the start.exe without setting up the config.txt and just do the configuration through the application for the first time.


Here are some important tips for newbies. Configure the “pickupitems.txt” in the control folder to set what items you want your bot to pick up. Lets say you’re in Byalan dungeon.

If you want to pick up Vadon cards. You’ll write “Vadon Card 2” on a separate line. This means it will pick it up with urgency.

If you want the bot to pick up loot like blue herbs, but it’s not urgent, then type “blue herb 1” on a separate line.

If you don’t want an item to be picked up at all, like a red herb, type “red herb 0”

If you have a shadow chaser / rogue, and your bot uses the skill “steal’, and you want to drop certain items that end up in your inventory like “tentacle” then type “tentacle -1”.

– You can also have multiple bots running. Just copy and paste the openkore folders and change the config.txt for the next bot’s credentials.

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Breakneck Skill Spammer

This is a skill spammer and ideal for super high rate servers where your PVP is based on the usage of skills. So to give you an idea of how it’ll work, is if let’s say you use meteor assault and press the hotkey once, it’ll do meteor assault twice but really fast. So instead of doing the skill once, you’ll do it twice. This works for skills like bash, bowling bash, etc… Very useful.

Download Link

1. Drag your ragexe.exe to BreakNeckPatcher.exe to patch your application. Have a back up of your ragexe.exe in case you want to un-patch.

2. Configure the breakneck.ini file to set your hotkey. I think it is set to caps lock key by default.

3. In came, turn it on by pressing the hotkey.

– You do not need to open any other application other than your ragexe.exe to use the spammer. Once it is patched, it works!

Breakneck will spam all skills (twice) when turned on so this includes skills like improve concentration, cloak, hide, etc… So if you cloak, you’ll uncloak as well. That’s what the hotkey is for!

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WPE to see hidden/cloaked & elemental converters

This script was removed due to script writer’s request. Sorry!

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Winsock Packet Editor (WPE) General Guide


WPE Download Link (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

This has been one of my favorite programs all around which is used for many methods and new methods are still being discovered today.


One of the ways that people use this program is by using it to do repeat tasks. For example, if you want to continuously make 5 rough oridecons into 1 oridecon, you can use WPE to constantly do it for you so you don’t have to do all the clicking yourself.

1. Open WPE. Click target program to open the drop down menu. Click on your ragnarok.exe or ragexe.exe or ro.exe (whichever is  your Ragnarok Online application).

2. After WPE has attached to your RO application, click the play button under target program. This begins the recording. So if there are any actions that you don’t want recorded, make sure you do them before you press the play button.

3. Go to your Ragnarok Online application and complete the action, such as making 1 oridecon.

4. Go back to WPE and click the stop button.

5. Not either 1 or 2 new packets would show up on WPE. One of the packets should be the “action” and is usually the one on top. Right click that packet and click send.

6. A new menu should appear. You can now choose to click continuously or set the amount in which you want the action to be made. Continuously will make it go on forever until you press stop. Or you can choose to have it done X amount of times.

Where it says milliseconds is the time interval for which you want the action to be done. If you want it to be done once every second, you can do the millisecond to seconds conversion and plug it in. Note: Sometimes if you set it to do the action too fast, it may crash.

7. As soon as you’re ready, press the play button within the “send” screen.

– This can be used for any action whether it is spamming a skill, spamming a skill on a specific player as soon as he is seen or whatever you may come up with.

Some people also use WPE to see hidden/cloaked players and what element they’re using when they are using elemental converters as well.

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