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OpenKore Safe Botting Spots

With the discovery of bots, I’ve hated to level on my own (for the most part) as much as I hate farming. Here are some safe places to bot until level 105, then you’ll have the option of grinding it out slowly or mob leveling manually. If you have other leveling spots or suggestions that could be added to this, please do so by using the contact form.

Use lockmap so that if your bot is dead, it knows to sit in town (regenerate HP) and then walks back to the map. Do not set X,Y coordinates. Only change the map you want your bot to be on, and your save map.

lockMap yuno_fild08

route_escape_reachedNoPortal 1
route_escape_randomWalk 1
route_avoidWalls 1
route_randomWalk 1
route_randomWalk_inTown 0
route_randomWalk_maxRouteTime 75
route_maxNpcTries 5
route_teleport 0
route_teleport_minDistance 150
route_teleport_maxTries 8
route_step 15

runFromTarget 0
runFromTarget_dist 6

saveMap aldebaran
saveMap_warpToBuyOrSell 1

Make sure you set your pickupitems.txt so that you don’t become overweight with garbage while you leave your bot leveling when you’re AFK.

Example – I only list the items I want to pick up. All is at 0. Use ratemyserver as a reference for drops.

All 0

Gold 2

Remember to set your bot to use skills! You have all that SP, who cares if your bot uses it all as soon as it has some. It gets the kills faster.

Example: (use Ctrl + F : useSelf_skill or attackSkillSlot to know exactly where to put the skills)

useSelf_skill Enchant Poison {
lvl 10
sp > 20
whenStatusInactive Enchant Poison
inLockOnly 1
notWhileSitting 1
notInTown 1
timeout 165

useSelf_skill Poison React {
whenStatusInactive Poison React
inLockOnly 1
notWhileSitting 1
notInTown 1

attackSkillSlot Bowling Bash {
lvl 10
sp > 40%
maxUses 1

A quick tip on how to get additional money: Get a Myst Case card and put it in any upper head gear without a level requirement. You get a chance to get gift boxes which can be sold or used to obtain random items that can be sold. Get a mimic card and slot it on a belt or a clip for a chance to get Old Blue Box.

For all my bots, I have done the Eden equipment quests for free leveling equipment. Do them at the intervals listed below.

These are all areas good for iRO (valkyrie) and have been used there. I am not sure whether or not they’re the same or as effective in other servers. Used in 2013 and has good results.


  • Training grounds. Stay there until 16 or 20 if you really want to especially right before you sleep or go out.
  • E.Prontera. If you’re a trans reborn novice, then you can’t access the training grounds anymore. Go to the map east of Prontera. There’s a Kafra right next to the entrance so if you die, you respawn right there. I prefer not using the map south of Prontera because a lot of people dead branch there.


  • Alberta -> West -> South. This is the Boa, Spore, Wormtail map. The spawn rate of monsters are fast, there are no aggressive monsters, and it’s not far from town. They also all drop Strawberry, Blue Herb, & Stem which could be sold for a good amount. 


  • Iz_dun01. This is the Vadon, Hydra, Kukre, Marina, Plankton, Cornutus map. Great fast exp, no aggressive monsters. Loot is mostly cards which can be sold for a decent amount. If you’re an acolyte, you may choose to pick up blue gemstones as well.

50 – Until job change: 

(job level 50/60/70 depending on your server)

  • Iz_dun02. This is the Obeaune & Marse map. Obeaune are aggressive but by this point in game, you should be able to kill them easily. I chose this map because it saves you the travel from Izlude to anywhere else. Loots include cards, Fin Helm, grapes. 

Job changed – 60 – 75: 

  • Stay at Iz_dun02 to save the travel. 
  • Go to Morocc -> South -> West -> West (May be different in different server). Golem and Metaller map. No good loots here but it’s easy to level. Golems are super duper slow and nothing is aggressive here.


  • Yuno_fild08. Geographer, Grand Peco, & Goat map. This is the fastest way to 99 IMO. Nothing is aggressive here aside from the Geographers which you should be able to kill. Loots include gold, cards, maneater blossom, mastela fruit, blue herb. At lower levels, you may die once in a while, so make sure to set your lockmap! 
  • Geffen -> North -> East -> East. This is the Earth Petite map. Everything is aggressive here and it’s a bit slower than the Grand Peco map IMO. Loot includes cards and white herb.


  • Map outside of Thors Dungeon near Veins. Magmaring map. There will be Muscipular, Drosera, & Magmarings. Nothing here is aggressive aside from the plants who can’t move. No good drops here aside from cards. 

Beyond 105 – There won’t be much safe areas to train anymore unless you find some place. Let me know. You could choose to grind it out at the Magmarings map but it’s very slow. If you have VIP package, you may level much faster.

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Ranger Guide




Hunters, as we know it are skillful at indirect long range combat. Their increased ASPD with bows helps makes them superior in ranged combat. They are also able to lay mines and traps on the ground to hinder or catch mobs. These traps cause various status effects (Sandman inflicts the status sleep, for example) or cause elemental damage (i.e. Blast Mine, Land Mine) to a target.

Additionally, they have a powerful sub-character, the Falcon. Falcons are highly effective at dealing consistent damage, as their damage ignores DEF. Falcons give Hunters the ability to deal damage to multiple monster at once, by gathering enemies together and employing the Falcon with the skill Blitz Beat.

Hunters were once considered overpowered in Ragnarok Online pre-Amatsu patch, while players were still getting the hang of 2-2 classes, since they were capable of MVPing and seemingly only needed two stats: AGI and DEX to be successful at MVP, PvP, and PvM aspects of the game.

But as the Transcendence Patch dawned into the shores of Midgard, the Sniper Class seemed to have lost all its glory. Bow and falcon skills, just weren’t enough to compete with the power of other classes roaming the PVP/MVP/PvM room. Neglected, bullied by OHKO skills and being the underdog. Called “lampayatot” by some, we were thrown in the streets, misunderstood by many as weaklings, some thought that we are only good at leeching. But hope was never lost, for we survived.. we never said DIE. We run, and we gunned.. though we are the so called “weaklings” we never let anyone stand in our way, as we devised our very own devious strategies and tactics, and with our versatility.. we mastered the art of killing. Our hunger for supremacy and survival was so great that other classes started to fear us.

And now, a new era has dawned. Enlightenment.. and the will for survival flowed so great, a new class was born, the RANGER. Equipped with two of the most potentially powerful arsenals ever created in the game- their traps and a new powerful companion their Warg Wolves.. we will now have our revenge!

Its time.. its time for Rune Midgarts to fear us once again.. Now fellow rangers, bring upon our deadly attack, wreak havoc and destruction using your bombs, bring panic and chaos with your bows and mutilate every opponent using your warg.

If Hunters and Snipers goes to hunt… A Ranger goes to war!


This are the bonuses given by each stat after the Renewal Patch came to our server. Please read this first before reading the “How to Build Your Ranger” so at least you will have an idea why I invested in a certain stat on a certain build. ( Sorry for the bad diction. )

Strength (STR) *

1 point of STR increases status physical attack power by 1
1 point of STR increases your weight limit by 30

Agility (AGI)

1 point of AGI increases flee rate by 1
5 points of AGI increases status defense by 1
Each point of AGI increases attack speed (ASPD) by a good amount.

Vitality (VIT)

1 point of VIT increases your Max HP by 1%
1 point of VIT increases your recovery rate by 2%
2 points of VIT increases your status defense by 1
5 points of VIT increases your status magic defense by 1

Intelligence (INT)

1 point of INT increases your status magic attack by 1.5
2 points of INT increases your status magic defense by 1
Each point of INT decreases your variable cast time by a bit (about half as much as DEX)

Dexterity (DEX) *

1 point of DEX increases your hit rate by 1
5 points of DEX increases your status magic defense by 1
5 points of DEX increases your status magic attack by 1
5 points of DEX increases your status physical attack power by 1
Each pont of DEX increases attack speed (ASPD) by a very low amount
Each point of DEX Decreases your cast time by a good amount

Luck (LUK)

1 point of LUK increases your CRIT by 0.3
3 points of LUK increases your status physical attack power by 1
3 points of LUK increases your status magical attack power by 1
3 points of LUK increases your hit by 1
5 points of LUK increases your flee by 1
10 points of LUK increases your perfect dodge by 1

Base Level

1 level increases your HIT rate by 1
1 level increases your FLEE rate by 1
2 levels increases your status DEF by 1
4 levels increases your status ATK by 1
4 levels increases your status MATK by 1
4 levels increases your status MDEF by 1

* With Bows, Guns, Musical Instruments and Whips, the increase in physical attack power from DEX and STR are swapped, making DEX the primary damage stat.

III. How to Build Your Ranger

This herein I will discuss the different Ranger types, and their Pro’s and Con’s:

Generally, there are 3 types of ranger builds : the Warger. the Swiss Knife and the Trapper. As the name implies, the Warger uses his ever faithful canine companion to deal massive damage to a single target. It focuses mainly on flee, dps ( damage per second) and hitlock. On the other hand, Trappers master the art of ambush killing, setting traps and luring enemies to their unknown doom. Trappers usually has high HP pool, high int and dex for trap damage and for survival. And lastly, my favorite (hybrid lover here), The Swiss Knife. Swiss Knife Builds are hybrids, a fusion between a warger and a trapper. Very adaptive and versatile to any given situation this build focuses on getting a balance between traps and high dps. Although, this build may seem to be perfect, it hides a very obvious weakness. It can only do average, average on warging and average on trapping. Like the saying goes, it is a Jack of all trades but a master of none.

Now that you know the three basic builds for a ranger, here are some examples of that build and their variation:


Warger = [W]
Swiss Knife = [SK]
Trapper = [T]

Max: 120
High: 81-119
Moderate: 41-80
Low: 1-40


All builds here are calculated to have 0 remaining stat points. Also, the proposed builds includes the Increase Agility, Blessing, Owl’s Eye, Improve Concentration, Awakening Potion and True Sight. Hp / Sp pool, ASPD and other attributes may vary in game because AFAIK, this calculator is only accurate in computing status points. And lastly, I didn’t include the Int bonus given by Research Trap, as we have different preferences on to maxing that skill or not.

The Warger[W]

This Build is perfect for those who love CTRL+click. The sheer power of your warg, plus the high aspd will set your opponents running and crying for help.


  •  agi: high
  •  str: low
  •  int: low
  •  dex: high
  •  luk: moderate
  •  vit: moderate


agi: flee/aspd purposes

dex: aspd purposes/increases damage ng bow pati na rin warg (physical ranged ang warg)
luk: increases the chance ng autowarg, tapos if divisible by 3, nakaad sa atk
low int: skill purposes 🙂
vit: para tumagal sa pvp/pvm 🙂


• high crit, aspd, and dps
• easy to use and handle
• good for those who love ctrl clicking
• almost immune to all status ailments
• warg attacks are unreducable by any resistance cards and equipments
• high HP pool
• can use traps as well


• RG’s defender greatly reduces your warg atks
• character’s with disabling abilites (e.g shura with cc) with probably pawn you
• prone to freeze, deep sleep and silence

My personal Opinion: with unfro and marduk card equipped, this build is almost unstoppable.

The Gunner[W]

* name inspired by sir ekaizero

A variation of the Warger. This build focuses mainly on DPS and hitlock, sacrificing its HP pool and trap damage output.


agi: high
str: low
int: moderate
dex: high
luk: moderate
vit: moderate


• HIGH auto warg rate
• HIGH flee
• good against melee enemies
• maximizes the use of status cards as a disabling option


• ignore flee skills can probably OHKO you
• prone to stun and freeze

The Master Exploder[T]

* name inspired by sir dodgeemall

The master trapper at its finest. With a very high int and dex allocation, this build abuses trap usage.

agi: moderate
str: low
int: high
dex: high
luk: moderate
vit: high


• Burst Damage dealer
• off guard enemies wont have a chance as it has the potential of OHKO
• abuses trap power
• easy to level because it can kill mobs


• has a little disadvantage when enemies are immune to sleep / freeze
• has a little disadvantage when dealing with wargers

The “Melee” Ranger[W]

This build is experimental. With high str, it can go dagger and equip a shield. This build abuses the warg skills and high atk of daggers.

Agi: High
Str: High
Int: Low
Dex: Moderate
Luk: Moderate
Vit: Moderate


• uses daggers as a primary weapon and bows as a utility equipment
• daggers have a high atk and slot ratio compared to bows
• can equip a shield and still give a high rate of damage
• high tanking abilities because of high vit and shield


• low or mid dex affects hit rate, thus it can miss on high flee characters
• prone to freeze silence and deep sleep
• dependent on warg skills
• can be easily stripped

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Sniper Guide


  • Intro
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Snipers in Parties
  • Snipers in War of Emperium
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Roles
  • Builds & Equipment
    • AGI/DEX
    • Falcon
    • Critter
    • Assaulter
    • Trapper
    • PvP & WoE
  • Skills
  • Stock ‘em Up & Get ‘em Going
    • Tool Dealers
    • Arrows
    • Arrow Quivers
    • Equipment
  • Leveling
    • Novice
    • Archer
    • Hunter
    • Rebirth
    • Condensed Leveling
    • Leveling: In-Depth
  • Bringing Home The Bacon
  • Notes
  • Credits & Kudos



Snipers use the advantage of being able to snipe, or kill an enemy from afar, to the full extent. With the ability to deal mass amounts of damage quickly, lock your opponent in place, and have the added advantage of having a Falcon, Snipers can be extremely deadly.



  • Deal high amounts of damage quickly, via Double Strafe or Falcon Assault.
  • Ability to lock enemies in place with higher attack speeds, or Ankle Snare.
  • Ability to cause many status ailments via traps and/or status bows.
  • Capable of using your Falcon to higher extents, via Falcon specific builds.
  • Ability to snipe enemies from afar, thus not taking much damage versus having to be right up against the monster to kill it.



  • Lower max HP and SP then most classes.
  • High SP costs from skills, I.E. Wind Walker takes 100SP, True Sight takes 40, etc.
  • Lower defense then many classes.
  • Cannot use shields when using bows, giving you less resistance/defense then most other classes.
  • Very dependent on Scholar or SP regaining items if using a lot of skills at once.


Snipers in Parties

Snipers are not meant as tanks; they’re more of a damage dealing class. With the ability to by-pass the defense of monsters via falcon or Sharp Shooting, Snipers are deadly on most mobs. They can help bring mobs to your party by leading the monsters without getting hit. I.E. hitting the monster from afar and running slowly to your party so your tank can pick it off of you before it gets the chance to hit you. They can also help in parties with the use of traps, a specialty of Snipers. Many traps include status effects like Freeze, Blind, and Sleep. They also have many traps that deal decent amounts of damage.



Snipers in War of Emperium

The War of Emperium is a big part of Ragnarok. Snipers play a pretty important role in it, too, but unless you want to get laughed out of the castle, I’d stick to a FA/Trapper build.

Do not go to WoE in an AGI/DEX(DS) build.


  • You can perma-wear a Thara shield and a CK/other dagger instead of a Bow.
  • High survivability.
  • You can tank up to 3 EDP SBs/ADs or even some Asuras if you are well geared.
  • As a Trapper, a SinX/LK/WS/Pally will never reach you, you simply trap them as you walk.
  • High stun resist.
  • High FA damage, which can be deadly with Magic Strings against a few weaklings in WoE/PvP.
  • High SP, meaning you can spam a lot more FAs/Traps before running out of SP.
  • You can always switch to a status bow and arrow shower people.


  • Low flee/aspd.
  • Slow cast (Even though the only skills that depends on your cast is Wind Walk and Falcon Assault)
  • Long Range skills have a 40% damage reduction
  • Long Range attacks have a 25% damage reduction(The values don’t stack.)


Falcon Assault – NEVER waste your time FA’ing people when you are out of Magic Strings. First because you don’t have an amazing cast time at all. Second because it has a huge after-cast delay, so basically you’ll become useless for a few seconds after casting it.
When you are MS’d, always aim for targets with low HP mod, like High Wizards, Snipers, High Priests. You can also use your FA spam to annoy some Profs, they might not die, but they’ll have some hard time casting ME/Dispel/etc.

Trapping – Your most important role. And it’s amazingly fun! A good trapper will save so many lives (including their own) and annoy the hell out of the enemy team. Your main traps are Ankle Snare and Sandman.

Ankle Snare is awesome to stop big numbers 1 by 1. In WoE SE you can trap the whole map with it; it will surely slow down enemies a lot. Plus it will save you from LKs, SinX’s, WS’s and other stuff. It’s better than Sandman in some situations because it won’t run off when the player get hit (Like with Sleep status players).

Sandman is amazing against low INT characters. It’s better than Ankle Snare in some situations, because it doesn’t only stop the player’s movement, but disables them completely. A Sleeping character will stay there for a long time, since the sleeping status is a bit hard to detect (It’s just a small “zZz”, almost unnoticeable), plus the player won’t be able to use pots or skills. Also, it “explodes” in a 9×9 area, meaning more than one player can be affected(It’s really fun when 3~4 people fall asleep ;D). You can also put it next to Emp Breakers while they are hitting your emp, and explode it by yourself, walking on the traps tile; the Emp Breaker will most likely be put asleep.

Shockwave is a fun trap, but not so useful, since people can always use pots to get their SP again.

Status Arrow Shower – The main status you should be dealing to people is Curse, so Quad Magnolia Composite Bow is the best. You could use Stun or Sleep arrows too. Don’t forget to ALWAYS switch back to Thara + Dagger when you are done arrow showering, or when a dangerous enemy approaches.

Focused Arrow Strike – If your in Magic Strings, Focused Arrow Strike is better then Arrow Shower for status effects, because of the much greater AoE.


Builds & Equipment

Snipers have various builds that accomplish many different tasks. Equipment plays an important role in any character, so I’ve also put some samples.


The AGI/DEX build is one of the most used builds due to the fact that you can level very easy and fast with it. A sample build would be(Totals, with gears and buffs):

  • DEX 140~160
  • AGI 120~130
  • VIT 30~40
  • INT 30~40

With that 30-40 INT you’re getting about 50-100 more SP then with INT at 1, which is really nice for leveling a Sniper. With the 30-40 VIT you’re giving yourself more HP and defense, which is always good. All you really need skill-wise are Double Strafe, Ankle Snare, Improve Concentration, Vulture’s Eye, Owl’s Eye, and Arrow Repel for this build to work nicely.

Sample Equipment for the AGI/DEX build

  • Upper Headgear: Apple of Archer, Ulle’s Cap [1], Alice Doll [1], Feather Beret, Ramen Hat, Crown of Mistress, Etc. With cards like: Incubus, Blue Acidus and etc.
  • Middle Headgear: Binoculars, Sunglasses [1], Blinker, Dark Blinder, Etc.
  • Lower Headgear: Flu Mask, Gangster Mask, Anything you want.
  • Armor: Tights [0] or [1], Odin’s Blessing [1], Pantie [0] or [1], Valkyrie’s Armor [1]. With various cards like: Marc, Peco Peco, Evil Druid, Pasana, Succubus, Anolian and etc.
  • Garments: Muffler [1], Wool Scarf [1], Vali’s Manteau, Crest of the Rider [0] and [1], Heavenly Maiden’s Robe [1], Undershirt [0] and [1], Valkyrie’s Manteau [1]. With Cards like: Raydric, Whisper, Bapho Jr., Dragon Tail and etc.
  • Footwear: Shoes [1], Boots [1], Tidal Shoes [1], Valkyrie’s Shoes [1], Black Leather Boots [0] or [1], Vidar’s Boots. With cards like: Green Ferus, Matyr, Verit, Merman, etc.
  • Accessories: Gloves [1], Brooches [1], Orleans Gloves [1]. With cards like: Alligator, Zerom, Smokie, Kukre, etc.
  • Weapons: There are many, many options for a good bow. If you’re low on cash a +5-7 Hunter’s Bow works perfectly fine in many situations. You can also use the Burning/Earthen/Freezing/Gale/Orc Archer’s Bows. Your DEX should be pretty high with this build, though, so a 2x2x Composite Bow [4] should be the best combo for max damage. I would go into more detail, but I wouldn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction, card stacking is like a foreign language to me.

Falcon Build

The Falcon build, otherwise known as the Falconer, is more of a “for fun” build, from my personal experience. They don’t level as fast as an AGI/DEX variant, but they’re a lot more fun to play because your falcon is like a machine gun. A falconer relies on their bird to deal most of the damage, so you have less DEX then other builds. This build is good on monsters with high defense, but be wary of mobbing unless you plan on manually Blitz Beating. If you didn’t know, auto-Blitz Beat divides the damage between the monsters, so if you’re attacking one monster and there’s one more stacked on it, you’ll do half the damage you normally would with your falcon, but you’ll be hitting both of the monsters. Manual Blitz Beat, however, doesn’t split between the mobs. Falconers depend on LUK, AGI, and INT for maximum falcon damage. INT makes your falcon do more damage, LUK helps bring it out more often, and AGI gives you a faster attack speed; giving you more chances for your bird to come out.

A sample build would be(Totals, with gears and buffs):

  • DEX 80~110
  • AGI 120~130
  • VIT 30~40
  • INT 70~90
  • LUK 66~99 (With or without Gloria, increase in multiples of 3)

I’m no expert on Falconers, so you’ll want to tinker around with it some to get it to your personal liking. When playing on a Falconer, Priests are your best friends, since Gloria helps a lot. If you don’t have a priest to constantly keep Gloria on you, your falcon doesn’t fly as much. LUK is best in multiples of 3, if I’m not mistaken, so make sure your final LUK is divisible by 3.

Sample Equipment for The Falconer

  • Upper Headgear: Ghost Bandana, Apple of Archer, Ulle’s Cap [1], Kitsune Mask, Ramen Hat, Bunny Band, etc.
  • Middle Headgear: Binoculars, anything.
  • Lower Headgear: Anything.
  • Armor: Tights [1], Odin’s Blessing [1], Panties [0] or [1] and Valkyrie’s Armor [1]. With various cards like: Marc, Anolian, Peco Peco, Evil Druid, Pasana, and etc.
  • Garments: Mufflers [1], Wool Scarf [1], Vali’s Manteau, Crest of the Rider [0] and [1], Heavenly Maiden’s Robe [1], Undershirt [0] and [1], Valkyrie’s Manteau [1]. With cards like: Whisper, Raydric, Noxious, Jakk, Dragon Tail and etc.
  • Footwear: Shoes [1], Boots [1], Tidal Shoes [1], Valkyrie’s Shoes [1], Vidar’s Boots, Crystal Pumps. With cards like: Green Ferus, Matyr, Verit, Merman, etc.
  • Accessories: Gloves [1], Brooches [1], Orleans Gloves [1], Rosary [1]. With cards like: Alligator, Zerom, Kukre, Smokie, etc.
  • Weapons: Falconers usually have a lower amount of DEX, so a Crossbow may be a better choice to maximize your damage. You could also make status Composite Bows (freeze, stun, silence, curse) and mess around since your damage isn’t too good any ways. A Hunter’s Bow or the Burning / Earthen / Freezing / Gale / Orc Archer’s Bows are fine also.

The Critter

The Critter is pretty self-explanatory. Utilizing Sniper’s fast attack speed, the Critter is able to do much more damage then the AGI/DEX build in single, normal attacks. A sample is(Totals, with gears and buffs):

  • DEX 140~150
  • AGI 120~130
  • VIT 20~30
  • LUK 72~102 (Without~With Gloria)

A critter is a decent build for hunting items, if you don’t want to constantly use skills. It’s also good for higher defense monsters, since crits by-pass defense. I don’t really use a Critter build that much, so you’ll have to adjust this build to your liking.

Sample Equipment for The Critter

  • Upper Headgear: Apple of Archer, Ulle’s Cap [1], Kitsune Mask, Alice Doll [1], Feather Beret, Ramen Hat, Crown of Mistress, Etc. With cards like: Incubus, Blue Acidus, Nightmare and etc.
  • Middle Headgear: Binoculars, Sunglasses [1], Blinker, Dark Blinder, Etc.
  • Lower Headgear: Gangster Mask, Anything you want.
  • Armor: Tights [0] or [1], Odin’s Blessing [1], Pantie [0] or [1], Valkyrie’s Armor [1]. With various cards like: Marc, Peco Peco, Evil Druid, Pasana, Succubus, Anolian and etc.
  • Garments: Muffler [1], Wool Scarf [1], Vali’s Manteau, Crest of the Rider [0] and [1], Heavenly Maiden’s Robe [1], Undershirt [0] and [1], Valkyrie’s Manteau [1]. With Cards like: Raydric, Whisper, Bapho Jr., Dragon Tail and etc.
  • Footwear: Shoes [1], Boots [1], Tidal Shoes [1], Black Leather Boots [0] and [1], Valkyrie’s Shoes [1], Vidar’s Boots, Crystal Pumps. With cards like: Matyr, Verit, Merman, etc.
  • Accessories: Gloves [1], Brooches [1], Orleans Gloves [1], Rosaries [1]. With cards like: Alligator, Zerom, Smokie, Kukre, etc.
  • Weapons: 2x(Race)2x(Size) or 2x(Race)1x(Size)1x(Element) Composite Bows [4] or Burning / Gale / Earthen / Freezing / Orc Archer’s Bows are fine too.

The Falcon Assaulter

The Falcon Assaulter has much more HP and defense then the other Sniper builds because it relies on using it’s falcon to deal mass amounts of damage in a single attack. Falcon Assaulters can easily dispatch an enemy in a couple of hits. They can also use a shield, unlike the other builds that rely on hitting with bows, giving them even more resistance and defense.

A sample build would be(Totals, with gears and buffs):

  • DEX 140~150
  • VIT 50~80
  • INT 90~100
  • STR or AGI left-over points

Or an alternate:

  • DEX 90~120
  • VIT 70~100
  • INT 90~110
  • STR or AGI left-overs

The Falcon Assaulter is a pretty versatile build. Although your flee is extremely crappy, you don’t take as much damage as the other builds, and if all else fails you can switch to a bow and still do decent Double Strafes. One of the major drawbacks to a Falcon Assaulter build is that the damage can be reduced greatly via Raydric Card, Noxious Card, Thara Frog Card, Beret, Feather Beret, etc. I don’t use a Falcon Assault build on my sniper, so the sample builds may not be accurate.

Sample Equipment for The Falcon Assaulter

  • Upper Headgear: Apple of Archer, Ulle’s Cap [1] (With Incubus Card), Crown of Mistress, Ramen Hat, Beret, Feather Beret, etc.
  • Middle Headgear: Binoculars, anything.
  • Lower Headgear: Anything.
  • Armor: Tights [1], Odin’s Blessing [1], Sniping Suit [1] and Valkyrie’s Armor [1]. With various cards like: Marc, Peco Peco, Evil Druid, Pasana, and etc.
  • Garments: Muffler [1], Wool Scarf [1], Vali’s Manteau, Heavenly Maiden’s Robe [1], Valkyrie’s Manteau [1], etc. With Cards like: Raydric, Noxious, etc.
  • Footwear: Shoes [1], Boots [1], Tidal Shoes [1], Valkyrie’s Shoes [1], Vidar’s Boots, With cards like: Green Ferus, Verit, etc.
  • Shields: Valkyrie’s Shield [1], Orlean’s Server(Plate) [1], Stone Buckler [1], Thorny Shield [1], Strong Shield [1]. With cards like: Thara Frog, Race reductions, size reductions, etc.
  • Accessories: Gloves [1], Earrings [1], Expert Rings [1], Rosaries [1], Orlean’s Gloves [1], etc. With cards like: Zerom, Smokie, Alligator, etc.
  • Weapons: Falcon Assaulters have the option of using daggers and/or bows. For bows, Composite Bows [4] or Crossbows [3]. Dagger-wise you have many options. You can use Bazerald, Combat Knife, Status / Dex / Vit Main Gauches, Moonlight Dagger, etc.

The Trapper

The Trapper focuses on using traps as its main damage-dealing. They’re really hard to get decent information on because they’re a dying breed or something, and I’ve never really used one before, so bare with me.

A sample build would be (Totals, with gears and buffs):

  • DEX 130~140
  • INT 90~110
  • VIT 60~80
  • STR 20~40
  • AGI or LUK for remaining stats

Most of the damage-dealing traps have an INT+DEX = damage boosting equation, so you’re going to want to have a decent INT/DEX ratio. I’m not sure if you need AGI, but since you’re going to be mobbing with this build, I swapped it out with VIT. Put some STR so you can hold more traps and stuff. Falcon Assault will compliment this build since you have high INT anyways.

Some other build options are:

Agi/Int/Dex. This is more of an agressive DS build, you can efficently DS people with a decent ASPD and use your Int to Falcon Assault with decent damage or keep your SP up.

High int supported by decent vit and dex. This build can FA for high amounts of damage, while usually using a dagger and switching to an earthen bow to curse and stone curse players.

High dex/str/vit. This one is based more for WoE or Bio 3 leveling(since they are kind of similar, in a way). The str is for holding potions and sp items, while vit is for stun immunity. The dex is mainly for enabling fast reaction and movement. You do not need to FA for this build but you may(the damage will be quite weak, ranging from 4-5k). You must learn to move traps in bio3 with arrow shower, and quickly trap up a corridor for WoE.

NOTE: Soul in WoE: SE was constantly detecting stupid sinxs trying to grimtooth the barricades, and then they fell to precast not realizing they were unhidden. This is the hardest build to play because a lack of int requires more sp items to keep trapping longer.

Sample Equipment for The Trapper

  • Upper Headgear: Apple of Archer, Ramen Hat, Ulle’s Cap [1] (With Incubus), Crown of Mistress, Beret, Feather Beret, etc.
  • Middle Headgear: Binoculars, Dark Blinder or anything
  • Lower Headgear: Gangster Mask or Anything
  • Armor: Tights [1], Odin’s Blessing [1], Sniping Suit [1] and Valkyrie’s Armor [1]. With various cards like: Marc, Peco Peco, Evil Druid, Pasana, and etc.
  • Shields: Valkyrie’s Shield [1], Orlean’s Server(Plate) [1], Stone Buckler [1], Thorny Shield [1], Strong Shield [1]. With cards like: Thara Frog, Race reductions, size reductions, etc.
  • Garments: Muffler [1], Wool Scarf [1], Vali’s Manteau, Heavenly Maiden’s Robe [1], Valkyrie’s Manteau [1], etc. With Cards like: Raydric, Noxious, etc.
  • Footwear: Shoes [1], Boots [1], Tidal Shoes [1], Valkyrie’s Shoes [1], Vidar’s Boots, With cards like: Green Ferus, Verit, etc.
  • Accessories: Gloves [1], Earrings [1], Rosaries [1], Orlean’s Gloves [1], etc. With cards like: Zerom, Smokie, Alligator, etc.
  • Weapons: Crossbow [3], Bazerald, Combat Knife, Main Gauche [4], Moonlight Dagger, etc. With cards like: Fabre, size / race / element modifiers, etc.

PvP & WoE Build

The best build for WoE is definitely a FA/Trapper. A sample build is(Totals, with gears and buffs):

  • STR 40~70
  • VIT 90~120
  • INT 90-120
  • DEX 70~100

The main stats are Vit(survivability) and Int (FA damage and high SP for FA/traps). Next comes Str(Weight for pots) and Dex (Reasonable cast). Agi and Luk aren’t needed at all in this build. Use Vit/Int/Dex food if you want, that may help a lot.

For PvP you can go FA/Trapper or an AGI/DEX build, but if you are in an AGI/DEX build, still make use of traps.

Also, a for-fun build in pvp could consist of:

  • 4x INT
  • 8x DEX
  • 8x VIT
  • 4x STR

Use Shockwave, Ankle Snare or Sleeper Traps to disable people, and stack Land Mines to knock them out in one shot.

Sample Equipment for PvP & WoE

  • Upper Headgear: Feather Beret
  • Middle Headgear: Evil Wing Ears (Cause Binoculars are ugly. )
  • Lower Headgear: Anything
  • Armor: Marc/Evil Druid Carded Valk Armor/Glittering Jacket/Divine Clothes
  • Shield: Thara Frog Carded Shield (Valk Preferably)
  • Garment: Raydric/Nox Wool Scarf (Preferably Raydric), Frildora Wool Scarf,
  • Footwear: Green Ferus Tidal Shoes
  • Accessories: Smokie Rosary/Earring, Alligator Rosary/Earring, Horong Clip/Rosary/Earring, Marine Sphere Clip/Rosary/Earring(Knocks people out of Pneuma)
  • Weapons: Combat Knife or Quad Fabre Knife, Status Composite Bows (Curse mainly; Magnolia Carded)



Some must-have skills for all Snipers are:

  • 10 Owl’s Eye
  • 10 Vulture’s Eye
  • 10 Improve Concentration
  • 10 Double Strafe
  • 1-9 Arrow Shower (At least level 1)
  • (Which brings you to Hunter/Sniper)
  • 1 Skid Trap
  • 5 Ankle Snare
  • 1 Falcon Mastery
  • 5 Blitz Beat
  • 4 Detect
  • 1 Land Mine
  • 1 Remove Trap
  • 1~10 Beast Bane
  • 3~10 Steel Crow (10 if you want it, you only need it to 3 though)
  • 10 Falcon Eyes
  • 5 Falcon Assault
  • 10 Wind Walker
  • 5 Focussed Arrow Strike

You can choose between the other traps. Most of them are never used, but some are very useful; it depends on what you plan to do with your sniper. Here are the full lists of the skills, with descriptions and requirements if you want to check them out.

*Note* The skills I listed aren’t in order, and I didn’t list them all. Choose whichever you prefer to get or scrap.


Stock ‘em Up & Get ‘em Going

Supplies play an important role in everything you do. Luckily, on Legacy, we have some custom NPCs that sell pretty much everything you’ll need.

Tool Dealers

Aside from the basic potions sold in every tool dealer, there’s some custom items added in to help speed things up a bit. Like, in the Prontera Tool Dealer(Located, from the middle of Prontera, go up and to the left; into the building there), there’s some customs like:

  • Apple Juice
  • Banana Juice
  • Carrot Juice
  • Coca Cola
  • Mastela Fruit
  • Yggdrasil Leaf
  • Panacea(Not sure if this is custom).
  • Yellow Gemstone
  • Red Gemstone
  • Blue Gemstone
  • Speed Potion

But don’t worry, all you really need to worry about are Awakening Potions, Fly Wings, Butterfly Wings and maybe Coca Colas(but there are better alternates, not available from NPCs).


Just like with the Tool Dealer, there’s a custom NPC that makes getting some commonly used arrows easily obtainable. (From the middle of Prontera, go up and to the right; into the building). The different arrows you can buy are(Click on them for details):

  • Arrow
  • Silver Arrow
  • Fire Arrow
  • Steel Arrow
  • Crystal Arrow
  • Arrow of Wind
  • Stone Arrow
  • Stun Arrow

Click here for info on all arrows.

Those arrows are pretty commonly used, although, there are many arrows not sold at any NPC. For those you’re going to have to craft them yourself. The full list of items used to make arrows can be found HERE.

Arrow Quivers

Since it’s not always optimal to have to carry thousands of arrows around everywhere, Gravity made this wonderful item called an arrow quiver. Arrow Quivers hold 500 of the desired arrow, with a lighter weight then its 500 non-quivered counterpart. Arrow Quivers have to be made manually, but you can make them in bulk. To make an Arrow Quiver, you have to go to the Inventor Jaax NPC in Payon (go inside the building pointed in this map). He’s located inside the building to the left of the refiner, repairman, phracon seller and slotter NPC.

The only bad thing about quivers, is that not all of the kinds of arrows can be made into quivers. The ones that can are:

  • Normal Arrows
  • Iron Arrows
  • Steel Arrows
  • Oridecon Arrows
  • Fire Arrows
  • Silver Arrows
  • Wind Arrows
  • Stone Arrows
  • Crystal Arrows
  • Shadow Arrows
  • Immaterial Arrows
  • Rusty Arrows

Quivers take 500z and 500 of the desired arrow to make. You can either make them one at a time, or you have the option “Store as many arrows in quivers as possible” to make as many as you can in one shot.


Although I put some sample equipment already, I want to add some other things here. In the NPC that sells arrows, you’ll see some bows there as well. The only ones worth purchasing, or talking about, in my opinion, are:

  • Composite Bow – If you don’t want to use the bow you get from changing to archer, but you’re too low leveled to use any other bow, get this.
  • Crossbow – Now that you’re level 18+, so you can use this, I’d get it. Although you wont use it once you get to 33+(if you have the money when you get there), using a Crossbow in the levels between helps quite a lot in the damage department.
  • Gakkung – The Gakkung has the highest attack, not counting the Hunter’s Bow. I, personally, don’t use these on my archers, because I like the added dex from the Arbalest, even if it costs a little more.
  • Arbalest – This is the bow I aim to get on all my archers. The added dex is just an addition to an already good bow. This alone can get you to hunter/sniper.
  • Hunter Bow – The Hunter’s Bow is one of my favorite bows if you’re new, or just don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bow. The damage you’ll be doing is pretty decent, for the price you pay for the bow.

Some cheap and easy to get gear to use if you’re just starting out are(Click on the item for more detail): 

  • Pantie & Undershirt Combo – You can hunt the Pantie pretty easily, since Zeroms are pretty low leveled. I’d save up and buy an Undershirt though, they’re around 50k zeny, and its well worth shelling out the money, then trying to get down to Pasanas at a low level to get one yourself.




Leveling a novice is really easy, especially if you go through the training grounds. Here’s some tips on the NPC’s in the training grounds…

  1. Start off with 9 DEX, 9 AGI, 9 INT.
  2. Shion – Talk to her twice.
  3. Receptionist – Apply for training.
  4. Interfaces Instructor (Paladin) – Blow through his lecture.
  5. Skill Instructor (Monk) – Blow through his lecture.
  6. Item Instructor (Blacksmith) – Listen and do what she says for extra levels.
  7. Kafra Employee (Next to Item Instructor) – Choose “About Kafra Services” then “Storage Service” and “Save Service”.
  8. Go to the room to the left.
  9. Helper (Left side of room) – Blow through his lecture then press cancel once you get a level.
  10. Helper (Right side of the room) – Enter the practical course.
  11. Get to job 10 there.
  12. Keyman (At the top of the map) – Choose further training.
  13. Novice Instructor – Choose any job and let him explain it, Archer is the quickest chat-wise.
  14. Final Instructor – Choose to take the test or start ragnarok immediately.

If your server’s training ground happens to be different then just kill some low level monsters such as poring, fabre and lunatic to get to job level 10.

Do the archer quest to change to archer. All job quests can be found here.


When you job change you get a Bow [3]. Go buy(or get) 1k Fire Arrows and head to Payon Caves. Kill the Skeletons and Familiars until you can take on the Zombies and Poporings. At around level 33 go buy a Crossbow or Gakkung / Arbalest(Whichever one you prefer) then go to the map outside Ice Dungeon and kill the Musipulars, Droseras and Geographers. Teleport from the Gallions and Gryphons. Another map you can go to is the map north of Einbroch, that has a lot more Geographers.

Another option is to get tanked on Metalings (One map north of Lighthalzen), or just hit-and-run to kill them until the EXP gets slow, around level 30~40, then go to Geographers.

You can stay at geographers until you change to Hunter, and then some. I usually job change at job level 42 as regular archer, and job 50 as high archer. Job 42 so you can get everything maxed except Arrow Shower, which you get to 1(or 9 if you go to job 50).


Job change to Hunter. Get a Gakkung [1] or a Hunter’s Bow if you don’t have one by now. Get a few Awake Potions and some fly wings and Fire Arrows and head back to Geographers. You can stay at them until they start getting slow, around level 70. Look at the Condensed Leveling for other suggestions on where to level to past level 70.


Once you get to 99/50, just go rebirth. By now you should have some basic, if not decent, equipment. Repeat the leveling process and you should level pretty efficiently.

Condensed Leveling

Click on the monster or map for more details.

  • Level 1 ~ Job 10: Novice Training Grounds, Ant Egg, Poring
  • Job Change ~ Level 30: Payon Cave, Poporing, Metalings
  • Level 30 ~ Level 60: Drosera, Muscipular, Geographer
  • Level 60 ~ Level 70: Geographer, Hill Wind, Sting, Clock, Alarm, Seals, Sea-otters, Mi Gaos, Minorous, Merman, Goats, Groves, Removers
  • Level 70 ~ Level 80: Minorous, Pasana, Merman, Isis, Anubis, Stings, Glast Heim Prison, Nine Tail Mobbing, Rachel Sanctuary Lower Levels, Grand Pecos, Goats, Geffen Tower 2nd Floor, Abyss Lake 1st Floor, Turtle Island Surface
  • Level 80 ~ Level 99: Anubis, Stings, Rachel Sanctuary Higher Levels, Grand Pecos, Goats, Geffen Tower 2nd & 3rd Floor, Thor Level 1, Party at Thor 3, Turtle Island Surface, Bathorys and Jokers, Abyss Lake 1st & 2nd Floors, Abbey Sanctuary, Niffelheim Fields

Leveling: In-Depth

Since I’ve been pretty vague, I’m adding in an in-depth leveling section. Please not that this is still a work in progress, and I will be adding more places and fixing any errors ASAP.

Note: The suggested bow is not what you MUST have to level in the spot, it is just a more custom bow, that will put out more damage.

Payon Cave First Floor(pay_dun00): Familiar, Zombie, Poporing, Skeleton

Weapon: Use any bow your have right now.
Arrow: Silver or Fire
Strategy: At first avoid the Zombies as they will kill you very quickly and you won’t have very much range. Stick to killing Familiars and Skeletons. Once you get enough job levels so that you have some range start killing the Zombies and Poporings. Hit the monster until it gets close to you and then run away and start shooting again.

One Map North of Lighthalzen(lhz_fild01): Caramel, Metaling, Holden

Weapon: Use any bow you have right now.
Arrow: Iron for Metaling, Fire for Caramel and Holden
Strategy: Make use of your range, attack the metalings from afar and they should be dead before they get to you, if not use the hit and run strategy. Unless you want to kill the Caramel and Holden don’t bother with them, they give almost half the experience of a Metaling and are harder to kill.

Ice Dungeon Warp(ra_fild01): Drosera, Geographer, Muscipular, Gryphon, Galion

Weapon: 2x Kaho Gakkung/Arbalest or 2x Scorpion Gakkung/Arbalest or a Burning Bow with either of the two cards in it.
Arrow: Fire
Strategy: Bring lots of fly wings. You must have full Vulture’s Eye. Start out by killing Muscipulars that are alone, if you kill them while another Muscipular or Geographer is near they will heal it. Once you are a few levels higher try taking on the Geographers, if it is too hard then stick to Muscipulars until you can take them. Once you are strong enough you will be able to take on groups of them. Be careful around Droseras, they have a very long range. When killing them make sure you walk straight at them, not diagonal or you will be killed. Stay away from Gryphons and Gallions, they will kill you. Keep the Stems and Maneater Blossoms, Creators use them.

One Map North of Einbroch(ein_fild04): Geographer, Gierth, Metaling, Holden, Mineral

Weapon: 2x Kaho Gakkung/Arbalest or 2x Scorpion Gakkung/Arbalest or a Burning Bow with either of the two cards in it.
Arrow: Fire
Strategy: Fly wing around and kill all the Geographers you see. Don’t worry about any of the other monsters.

One Map South of Louyang(lou_fild01): Mantis, Mi Gao, Caramel, Bigfoot, Anacondaq

Weapon: 3x Kaho Crossbow(Mi Gao, Mantis)
Arrow: Fire
Strategy: Focus on the Mi Gaos, if a Mantis comes along either kill it or Flywing away. Mi Gaos are slow so you can most likely just shoot it from far away and kill it before it comes close to you.

Glast Heim Culvert Floor 3(gl_sew03): Sting, Gargoyle

Weapon: 2x Kaho Gakkung/Arbalest or 2x Peco Peco Egg Gakkung/Arbalest or a Burning Bow with either of the two cards in it.
Arrow: Fire
Strategy: Avoid the Gargoyles. Double Strafe Stings and if they get to close either Arrow Repel or use the hit and run method. If the Sting gets too close and hits you, you will most likely be killed. They hit very fast and very hard.

Clock Tower Second Floor(c_tower2): Clock, Mimic, Rideword, Punk, Clock Tower Manager, Elder

Weapon: 3x Peco Peco Egg Crossbow(Clock, Clock Tower Manager, Mimic, Rideword) and 3x Hydra Crossbow(Elder) and 3x Mandragora Crossbow(Punk)
Arrow: Fire(All but Punk), Stone(Punk)
Strategy: Bring traps. You can just use the hit and run tactic on the Punks. On Clocks, Clock Tower Manager, and Elder trap them then shoot from afar. You may need to lay more then one trap. If you don’t have enough ASPD stay away from Elders, they cast magic somewhat fast.

Turtle Island Surface(tur_dun01): Spring Rabbit, Thara Frog, Pest, Permeter, Dragon Tail

Weapon: 3x Goblin Crossbow(Pest, Permeter, Spring Rabbit) and 3x Mandragora Crossbow(Dragon Tail)
Arrow: Fire(Spring Rabbit), Stone(Dragon Tail), Silver(Pest)
Strategy: Double Strafe all Spring Rabbits and Dragon Tails. I personally don’t even bother with the Pests. When you run out of sp just go to town, use the healer, and warp right back.

Thor Dungeon Level One(thor_v01): Kasa, Fire Imp, Salamander, Magmaring, Byorgue, Bow Guardian, Sword Guardian

Weapon: 2x Peco Peco Egg, x Vadon, 1x Minorous Composite Bow(Kasa, Magmaring, Salamander, Fire Imp), 3x Hydra Crossbow(Byorgue, Sword Guardian, Bow Guardian)
Arrow: Crystal
Strategy: Your main target here is Kasa. Double Strafe it until it dies. If it gets close run back or Arrow Repel. Once you have high enough ASPD you may be able to kill it without Double Strafe. Be careful of its Spiral Pierce. Fly Wing away the second you see either Guardian until your strong enough to take them. Once you can take them make sure you shoot from full range. If they get close they will kill you.

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