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See War of Emperium Damage – WPE Script

Here is a script for WPE that will allow you to see War of Emperium damage. I have mentioned in other posts that this is important to know when to switch and how to switch. When to use a certain element, ice pick, etc… It’ll also give you an edge on switching your own resist when you see your damage taken (without having to look at the little HP bar which is ridiculous).

If you do not know how to use WPE, please read my guide regarding that. Click here.

1. Open WPE and target your ragnarok.exe, the name could vary depending on your server. Just target your client.

2. Load the script from where it has been saved.

3. Click the little box next to the first filter.

4. Press “ON”


This does not work on all servers. Some servers are set up so that you will see 1 damage per hit regardless of how much damage was dealt. If this is the case, there is nothing you can do to change that. Even the GM can only see that 1 damage and nothing more.



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See WOE damage & Cloak Visibility Patch

This was given to me by a fellow fan.

Download Link

What it does is allows you to see War of Emperium (WOE) damage and cloaked players.


1. Extract files

2. Replace new “ragnarok.exe” file with the old one in your RO folder.

3. Open RO & enjoy!

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