OpenKore Vending Tips

Vending is an essential part of the game and it is important for you to have a merchant on a separate account to vend your loot or unused items. As I’ve said in my other OpenKore thread, you can make multiple bots (for all reasons) by copying and pasting the bot folder and renaming the folder (I usually name the folder the name of the character of my bot). So just remember to change the login credentials in the config.txt .

You will use the shop.txt file to create a shop. The first line should be the name of your shop. Remember to use a catchy name or a name that lists the main items that you are selling.


Storage Cleanout

Angeling Card   [tab]  99,000,000  [tab]  5

In your config.txt file. Be sure to set autovend to “1”. Just do Ctrl + F “autovend” to find the command.

Also note that autovend will ONLY work if you have your lockmap settings set up.

So in the config.txt, Ctrl + F “lockmap”. You will see X & Y coordinate settings and the map settings. So if you’re vending in Prontera, it’ll look like this.

lockMap prontera
lockMap_x 99
lockMap_y 125

To pick out the coordinates, you should log into the game and find a place where you have space and your shop won’t be blocked by other vendors. I usually pick places close to Kafra NPCs, respawn points, and Eden Group warpers. Once you find good coordinates that you would like to use, type /where in game. It should show you the X,Y coordinates in the chat dialogue. Use those to plug into the config.txt .

Also suggested is that you should test if the area you picked out is a vendable area by actually casting vend in those coordinates before setting the coordinates in OpenKore. If the vend screen opens, then your coordinates are good. If it says that it is not a vendable area in your general chat dialogue, find a new place.

The reason why I choose to use OpenKore for vending is that it saves me the lag of having to dual client. Also, if I’m AFK or asleep, and I’m disconnected, OpenKore will relog depending on how long you’ve set the relog time to be (I think it is 5 minutes at default). Once OpenKore relogs, it will open shop again with the items you listed and in the coordinates you’ve set. So you’ll have 100% up-time as a vendor as long as the server is up and running. This helps when the server is doing maintenance, disconnects, you disconnect, etc…

At level 10 vending, you can list up to 12 items at a time. So fill up those 12 spaces with items to sell. Use ragial for reference on how much you should be selling your items for. Either match the lowest price or go lower. The items you want your bot to sell must be in your cart, so if they’re not there, move them there. Just because you can list only 12 items does not mean you should list only 12. List all that you want, if your item sells and your bot relogs for any reason, the item next in queue will be listed.

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