Magnus Excorcism Guide – Priest/High Priest/Archbishop

Here is a great guide passed along to me for the M.E. priest. Credit to the writer.

  • Introduction to ME (#1)
  • Equipment to use (#2)
  • Skills to consider (#3)
  • Stats (#4)
  • Levelling tactics (#5)
  • Where to Level (#6)

Introduction to ME
All good howtos start with a link to a wiki.…gnus_Exorcismus

ME is a 7×7 Holy elemental magic skill that hits only Demon Race and/or Undead Element monsters. If a monster isn’t A Demon Race or Undead element forget it, go home and cry. You have a limitation on where you can level, but that’s ok, because 90% of the time you’ll have an elemental advantage and skills that reduce the incoming damage from those that you can level on.
You’ll be using a Blue Gem every cast, so you’ll want to be able to mob, but don’t worry, most loots from MEable monsters will pay for your gems.

Something to keep in mind tho, Ragnarok likes to troll it’s players. There’s an undead RACE. Yeah. RACE. Not element. ME doesn’t work on the undead race. Only the element. So you can’t kill injustices. And for some nonsensical reason you can’t excorcise ghosts either. If they’re not demon. Most of them are, thankfully. You’ll have to think carefully about what you’re trying to kill and if it’ll work. Databases are your best friend. But if it’s not an insect/boss and can see people in hide, then you can kill it.

Before you read onwards, are you prepared to QUEST? Nameless Island access quest chain is quite frighteningly long looking and you have to go into the middle of thors. But the levelling experience is totally worth it.


The best weapon is an overupgraded
Posted ImageDivine Cross
It is a two handed weapon so you cannot use a shield, but it has an inbuilt demon and undead damage reduction of 15%

  • Reduces damage received from [Demon] and [Undead] races by 15%.
  • Set bonus with Spiritual Ring:
    • Dex +2
    • Increases magic damage by 10%.
    • Reduces damage received from [Demon] and [Undead] races by an additional 10%.

When equipped with the spiritual ring accessory, the reduction is 25% which is as close to a carded shield as you could want, and covers both demon and undead races, so it’s the same as wearing a Teddy Bear and Khalitzburg card at the same time! You miss out on a little defence, but the damage boost is well worth it.

Alongside the

Posted ImageSpiritual ring

Is also this bonus:

Set bonus with Clip [1] or Rosary or Rosary [1]:

  • SP Regen +9%
  • Increases the damage inflicted with [Magnus Exorcismus] by 30%.
  • Increases the damage inflicted with [Heal] and [Sanctuary] by 50%.

So! If your phen is in a clip or a rosary, you’re also getting a 30% damage boost from both ME, Sanc and healbomb. Speaking of clips, carry a flash clip or some such alongside to phen swap with.
(I’ll explain phen swapping in levelling tactics later, for those unfamilar with the concept.)

No other weapon will give you the same damage output as a high upgraded Divine cross with this combination (beleive me I’ve tried – even god items such as brisingamen don’t beat it) and best of all, all these items are relatively cheap. The spiritual ring is the dogfood prize from ifrit and hibram, so MVPers sell them relatively cheap. Divine Crosses drop from skeggiolds in odin and Endless Tower and serve no purpose to anyone except ME priests. so getting this gear doesn’t cost too much! yay!

In place of this you can use a high MATK weapon with a shield, such as the holy stick, but the MATK will not even come close to the divine cross.
And upgrade upgrade upgrade! The higher the better!

At this current point in time the best headgear is the Witch’s pumpkin hat / Gozarian mask combo from the 2011 halloween event
Posted Image Witch’s Pumkin hat
Increases damage against [Undead] and [Demon] race monsters by 15%.
Set bonus with Gozarian Mask:

Posted ImageGozarian Mask

Failing this, or in the case of needing a status resistance headgear, a magic attack boosting hat, or cast time reduction hat will work very well.

Good options are:

Good cards for these hats include isillia, Katheryn Keyron (at +9) and any status resistance card, although I would recommend using the Isilla or kathy on your top headgear and then using a mid hedgear for status resistance.

For bottom headgear, either an angry snarl (defence) or a ninja scroll (matk)


Armor choices come down to how much zeny you have and how intensely you want to play.
Ideally I would recommend a slotted Holy Robe with a pecopeco card in it, but for the most part, a non slotted holy robe or any HP armor will do just fine.
If you’re really feeling adventureous, using a cheap armor with a clock card in it and hotkeying that with your regular armor can help out a lot! Wear the clock armor whilst getting hit until guard is activated, switch armor and take less damage!

Immune/deviant high upgraded Valk mant would be the best thing to aim for.
Nid garb is a good second choice, I prefer the extra perfect dodge of the valk mant on this type of character.

For non trans use any HP boosting shoes you have. Lets assume you don’t plan to be non trans for long.
For trans, Variant shoes or high upgraded diabolus boots with HP boosting card such as Firelock soldier, Matyr. You shouldn’t need an SP boost.

As an ME priest, you will always want ME to be at level 10 (it really is no good at less than that), you should also aim to max out divine protection, possibly using your second class skills.
There are two ways you can play your ME character, the first style using Safety wall and playing more like a mage class, the second, being vit/defence based and working on taking as little damage as possible. Maxing angelus is a really good way to do this, but I would not recommend it for a non trans character, as you need a good HP pool. The angelus/vit style of play also opens itself up to using Kaahi to additionally heal yourself.

Skills to consider carefully.

Divine Protection:

You always get level 5 of this as an aco anyway, the extra 5 points come from skipping angelus and from priest skill points. The extra defence is well worth it, but if you want to hybrid support, it’s not a crucial loss.


Is a beautiful skill when maxed, but you need upwards of 70~80 vit for it to become effective.

Do you plan to party or solo a lot? If you’re going to solo a lot and only party with a few understanding friends, you can consider foregoing level 4 res to get more SW or sanc…..
If you plan to party in high end dungeons or in turn ins, you should max res.

You probably only need level 1. Just remember to recast it a lot in parties.

Safety wall:

SW is good in parties as well as for a soloist ME priest. The minimum skill level for this you should consider is level 7 if you plan on using it. (except the level 1 req for ME of course)
Level 7 through 10 have the same cast time. (the lowest possible) level 10 blocks more hits than level 7.

again, this counts as both a party and solo skill, though more so a party skill. At max it needs to be level 7, level 3 is acceptable to use if you plan on using it with heal gear. It’s not totally necessary.
You may consider it for precasting in front of your ME to heal you as you tank the mob.

Turn Undead:
Will you honestly use this skill? It can be good when maxed if you don’t have gem money, but you would be better off grabbing a turn in party.

AB skill, but AMAZING. It’s 10% less damage from demons and undeads. Did you know with this skill you can stack up to 87% demon resistance from gear? 97% if a crusader class gives you resistant souls. It’s AMAZINGLY helpful, but a skill point eater. You can get it with sacrament and be so beefy and a decent supporter.

Only good if you like pretty big numbers and spamming blue gems. Really.

Example skill builds

Nontrans skill build…AhEbajOqxdEHnaX

trans skill build (SW style/ w level 4 res)…njOqxdEHNaScAJy

trans skill build (SW/max sanc level 2 res – soloist build)…njOqxdCInaScAJy

trans skill build (Angelus style)…bnjOqxkee1ScAJy

AB skill build.

vit/defence skill build (Angelus and eucharistica)…BabkbfSrCgScHcY

Offensive build with support capability (Sacrament/Adoramus/max SW with level 4 res)…OsOkbdsrCdscHcY

Possibly the most confusing yet most simple part of any build. What stats to get?

str – no (you can get weight limit boost from kafra shop)
agi – potentially for defence, but not recommended
int – 100 minimum
vit – 80 ~ 100
dex ~ 100
luk 70 – 100

Int affects your matk, the more int you have, the more damage you’ll do. It lowers your cast time too.
To be honest, the majority of your damage will come from the weapon. 100 is a good number to aim for since it doesn’t eat into your stats too much, gives you good regen and a decent heal.

The more vit you get, the less dex/int/luk you can get. But the longer you’ll live. The more likely you’ll have status immunity. I like to aim for AT LEAST 100 vit on all my priests for that reason. The question is do you want to be more defence or offense? That’s a personal choice, nobody can decide that for you. If your gear isn’t good for defence, go more vit. If your gear is good for defence and you want to make amazing damage, lower your vit and go with high int/dex

Affects your cast time and adds to matk. There’s no reason to go above 100 since skills that matter have fixed cast times. At this point, you’re better getting luk for extra matk and…

this adds to your matk (so more heal more damage) but also to status resistance. If you can get 70 luk and then gloria, you can be curse immune. If you get 77 luk and an archangelling card, you can have lightening fast SP regen when supporting.

Unless you’re aiming for some off the wall specialized build, going above 100 in any stat isn’t really a great idea. It severely limits how much you can get in your other stats.

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