Winsock Packet Editor (WPE) General Guide


WPE Download Link (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

This has been one of my favorite programs all around which is used for many methods and new methods are still being discovered today.


One of the ways that people use this program is by using it to do repeat tasks. For example, if you want to continuously make 5 rough oridecons into 1 oridecon, you can use WPE to constantly do it for you so you don’t have to do all the clicking yourself.

1. Open WPE. Click target program to open the drop down menu. Click on your ragnarok.exe or ragexe.exe or ro.exe (whichever is  your Ragnarok Online application).

2. After WPE has attached to your RO application, click the play button under target program. This begins the recording. So if there are any actions that you don’t want recorded, make sure you do them before you press the play button.

3. Go to your Ragnarok Online application and complete the action, such as making 1 oridecon.

4. Go back to WPE and click the stop button.

5. Not either 1 or 2 new packets would show up on WPE. One of the packets should be the “action” and is usually the one on top. Right click that packet and click send.

6. A new menu should appear. You can now choose to click continuously or set the amount in which you want the action to be made. Continuously will make it go on forever until you press stop. Or you can choose to have it done X amount of times.

Where it says milliseconds is the time interval for which you want the action to be done. If you want it to be done once every second, you can do the millisecond to seconds conversion and plug it in. Note: Sometimes if you set it to do the action too fast, it may crash.

7. As soon as you’re ready, press the play button within the “send” screen.

– This can be used for any action whether it is spamming a skill, spamming a skill on a specific player as soon as he is seen or whatever you may come up with.

Some people also use WPE to see hidden/cloaked players and what element they’re using when they are using elemental converters as well.

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