OpenKore Ragnarok Bot

Download Link

This is one of the few and still working bots out there. It is great and still being updated with changes. Works with almost all servers and easy to set up. A great way to level up and farm items.

1. Download from the link above and extract all files to a folder.

2. Open config.txt in the “control” folder. This is where you will be doing all the configurations such as login information, skill usage, etc…

3. Open start.exe to get the bot running. Note: You can also run the start.exe without setting up the config.txt and just do the configuration through the application for the first time.


Here are some important tips for newbies. Configure the “pickupitems.txt” in the control folder to set what items you want your bot to pick up. Lets say you’re in Byalan dungeon.

If you want to pick up Vadon cards. You’ll write “Vadon Card 2” on a separate line. This means it will pick it up with urgency.

If you want the bot to pick up loot like blue herbs, but it’s not urgent, then type “blue herb 1” on a separate line.

If you don’t want an item to be picked up at all, like a red herb, type “red herb 0”

If you have a shadow chaser / rogue, and your bot uses the skill “steal’, and you want to drop certain items that end up in your inventory like “tentacle” then type “tentacle -1”.

– You can also have multiple bots running. Just copy and paste the openkore folders and change the config.txt for the next bot’s credentials.

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